Thursday, December 1, 2011

Going to Aaron Reedy's Class on Friday!

I am excited to go give a research talk at Kelly High School in Chicago this week!  I have collaborated with Mr. Reedy on some cool turtle and snake projects at our research site, "Turtle Camp" in Illinois. Along with other collaborators, we have worked to understand habitat use in hognose snakes. I have also helped him and Dan Warner  on a cool lizard project they have been working on in Florida.  Aaron has worked with the Janzen lab through the NSF Research Experience for Teachers program, and through the Turtle Camp Research and Education in Ecology (TREE) Program.   Aaron has proved to be a great collaborator in the field, so now we are going to start a collaboration between classrooms!  We are designing a science project which both Mr. Morris' and Mr. Reedy's classroom will engage in together.  Look for an update on how the day in Mr. Reedy's class went!

Check out Mr. Reedy's inspirational talk here:

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