Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lizard Project- Day 2

 Yesterday Dan and I arrived in Florida.  Today was our first field day.  We kayaked to 6 islands today, and tagged every tree on every island, for a total of 410 trees tagged! We tag each tree so we can note exactly where we catch or encounter each lizard we see. For example the tag at right is on Tree 45 at island "N".   Of the six islands, we saw lizards on every one.  Some islands were crawling with lizards, others were much more sparse. We finished tagging the trees at about 2pm, and decided to revisit a few of the islands to try and get some lizards.  We saw very few lizards the first time around on the two islands we revisited, so we were very happy when we ended up catching 20 lizards by the end of the day!

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